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While the "Journey to the West"-inspired storyline is sadly reduced to a dumbed-down Americanised version, Yuen Woo-Ping's action choreography is a lifesaver here. That performance, of course, was sadly underwritten.

Top actors who play Sun Wukong in movies

Fortunately, Yen managed to deliver after all. But a major international film based on actual Chinese material would be more significant, and probably better. As the Monkey King alone, Chow portrays the classic prankish character uniquely as his own. This week's Comics Corner starts off with "the judge, jury, and executioner" trapped in Patrick Swayze Block with no assistance in Judge Dredd: Under Siege 4.

film sun go kong stephen chow

Ironically, Kwok has previously appeared in the first movie as the antagonist named Bull Demon King. Under Siege 4: What stories do they tell or hide? As we await the release of "Wu Kong", here are the top 5 Chinese actors that have played the legendary Sun Wukong characters thus far.

film sun go kong stephen chow

Instead of Huang Bo who appeared in a minor role towards the climactic finale in the first movie, a younger actor in the form of "The Taking Of Tiger Mountain" and "The Great Wall" Lin Gengxin was cast for the pivotal role. While there are plenty of films based on various eras of this literature that will be familiar to Asian audiences, there are only a select few internationally recognized films that hail from this material.

Then, there's Jet Li, whose dual performances as Silent Monk and The Monkey King managed to display his usual playful charm and still-nimble martial arts showcase.

film sun go kong stephen chow

Please visit the source responsible for the item in question to report any concerns you may have regarding content or accuracy. Wu Cheng'en's 16th-century novel, "Journey to the West", is no doubt among the greatest novels ever written in the history of Chinese literature. This round he eliminates...

For a series that starts out as a fun parody of the Chinese novel Journey to the West , the plot gets extremely wacky as the story goes on. If Jet Li vs. Captured by the benevolent leader fearing they are part of a mystical prophecy claiming they are to lead to the downfall of their society, the group is allowed to stay in order to help solve a burning riddle where the women are looking.

film sun go kong stephen chow