Who plays hagrid how tall

You will love it. He's just a wee boy you know. At the end we'll have a resulting transcript that we put up on the site.

who plays hagrid how tall

We have a few of those comments on the list too, but I decided to spare you since you didn't actually write the books. Rubeus Hagrid is the man without whom there would be no Harry Potter.

who plays hagrid how tall

If I am honest, I thought he was at least an inch or two taller. Sorry, I know that sounds like a cheesy answer, but if you're in a film… Like people ask me, "Oh, when you did the Bond film, did you keep the thing that you had at the casino? Speaking so jokingly about himself, and I quote "In real life I'm 6'1" - each way pretty well, north and south and east and west, unfortunately", turns Robbie instantly into someone approachable, not to mention worthy of a great big hug!

Since only Coltrane is credited in the cast list, this means that somewhere in Britain lurks an ultra-huge, ultra-modest actor, who looks capable of battering down doors and is good enough at his art to utter the favourite catchphrase of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone: And we have crowds of people in the chat room now, and many others who have visited the Web site submitting questions, so I have a big list of questions.

All four episodes of National Treasure are currently available on Hulu.

Here's What Hagrid From 'Harry Potter' Looks Like IRL

But it's certainly not exclusively British. In fact, the only person I do know of that is naturally that tall is Shaquille O'Neal. Israel Adesanya. Most active discussions votes comments.

who plays hagrid how tall

I'm actually in the middle of a phone interview here. I think it's a film that most people will want to see at least three times.

Size means everything as Harry's big secret slips out

And the Quidditch game, the three-dimensional game they play on the broomsticks, is one of the most exciting…. Click Here Even Craig Ferguson is a questionable 188cm. He's shelling my pistachios. I think most of the qualities that the books have in common with all good literature, be it Russian, French, German, whatever, I think what they wanted was a unity of feel to it.

Well, I must say, y'know, you quite often see movies and there's a huge fuss about them and a lot of pre-publicity and blah-de-blah going on, and when you see them it's a huge disappointment because they don't really deserve it. The names Hagrid and Dumbledore have been found in a couple of places before they appeared in Harry Potter , including in a novel by Thomas Hardy.

We've started the second one. Rubeus comes from the Latin word "rubinus", meaning red.