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Thank you so much and please keep supporting us the way you guys do. It also got critical acclaim and received 4. Her mother blames Farida for Sara's death.

Q — You guys have played girls in many of your videos. Shahrukh Khan because he is the best actor. Although Asher returns expecting to be able to speak with Khirad, his mother lies saying that Khirad has already eloped with Khizar.

We manage it somehow. Baseerat becomes ill and warns his son against hurting Khirad. Cause in my case, I am the girl in the videos most of the time. It received many awards around the nation:. Q — Were your parents supportive of what you did when you guys had just started? Both families are happy to know the truth and decide to proceed with the wedding as soon as possible. Khirad enrolls in graduate studies.

The house is owned by a woman and her daughter Yasmeen Sohai Ali Abro. The main character of the drama, Afzal is the son of a Maulvi religious scholar. Q — Whose the singer from the group? Afzal's parents some to Karachi in order to meet him but he runs away before they reach.

He begs her to stay for Hareem. We are not a group.

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Because India has always been great so I just feel that we should bring Pakistani media ahead too and show their culture to people. Is it hard? Hum Sitaray. When Afzal apologizes for the letters he wrote to himself from her, Farah says that he does not need to apologize. Sara tries to commit suicide.