When do you spay or neuter cats

Neutering your cat

There are unlikely to be enough new homes available for them. He is the proud father of zero puppies and will stay that way. In rural communities, veterinarians did not frequently spay dogs and cats until the late 1940s.

when do you spay or neuter cats

Shelters across the US began to employ full-time veterinarians to do these early spays; these veterinarians organized a Society , founded a Journal that would accept their publications ref1 , ref2 , and became a potent force in the veterinary community. It is not normal for them to bleed. That said, the risks are not high. People like you are essential to our work.

General Pet Care

This behavior usually ceases in male cats once they have been neutered. Shelters do their best to place animals in loving homes, but the number of homeless animals far exceeds the number of willing adopters.

when do you spay or neuter cats

Cats usually recover from the neutering operation remarkably quickly. No level of government is free of their mantra. You will also be faced with finding good homes for the offspring yourself or placing more animals into your local shelter. We accepted that without question. That is becoming less and less the case. Owner education and stiff fines for people whose pets run at large are much more effective in controlling pet over-population than surgical procedures.

Eighty percent of these tumors are benign. Pet owners should work with their veterinarians to determine the appropriate sterilization ages for individual cats and dogs. Usually the skin incisions for a castration are so small that sutures are not required. It is important to neuter a female cat before she can have kittens herself. Thank you. Pet issues.


When a female dog or cat is surgically neutered with traditional methods at any age, pyometra will not occur. And in fat cats , diabetes risk increases dramatically. Time the surgery before its anticipated second heat period.

when do you spay or neuter cats

With castration both testicles are removed which takes away the main source of the male hormone testosterone.