What year was the blue m&m introduced

The History Of M&M’s Isn’t As Sweet As You Think It Is

When I think of things that taste good, not many of them can described by the word "tan. While abroad, Forrest Mars Sr. Clearly I needed to mend this hole in my culinary memory. Katie Serena. The candy bits will also sport a larger 'M' logo.

what year was the blue m&m introduced

Mars, Inc. Red, green and yellow were added in 1960.

In Praise of Blue M&Ms

Why were they ever invented in the first place? The company left the choosing of a new, replacement color up to the public. Though the candy is famous amongst Americans, not much is known about the candy making process itself.

what year was the blue m&m introduced

A colored sugar and corn syrup mixture is added to the centers in a revolving pan. However, instead of an arbitrary corporate decision, we candy lovers ourselves were asked to vote for the new color.

what year was the blue m&m introduced

In 1911, Frank C. Well, the candy coating does. Getty Images A poster depicting a wartime Mars advertisement.

what year was the blue m&m introduced

By Katie Serena. Share Tweet Email. We are now kind of staking our claim when we say, we ARE color candy," Moran said.

M&M's - The Blues (1996, USA)

How do they get that chocolate inside the candy shell? The good reviews helped spur demand and send production to an all-time high.

Whatever Happened To Tan M&Ms? A Brief History Of The Most Basic M&M Color Ever

Beige is many things, but — wait. Even I was affected, left feeling strangely blue OK that was intended. Headquartered in Hackettstown, N.

what year was the blue m&m introduced

Mars came up with the idea of candy-coated chocolate during the Spanish Civil War, and soon after, the original "Melt in your mouth, not your hand" treat was born, featuring brown, yellow, green, red, and purple colors. After some time, the moisture in the coating evaporates leaving an even layer of dry candy shell. While Mars had the patent for the candy, Murrie had the chocolate.