What is an amniotic aneurysm

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Financial Support We hope in the future to be able to provide financial assistance to families in financial need assistance after experiencing an AFE.

More From Inspirational Stories. AFE cannot be prevented, and doctors find it hard to predict if and when it will occur.

what is an amniotic aneurysm

Indraccolo U, et al. Each of these is potentially life-threatening, but they are all managed differently. Your doctor will discuss the risks of pregnancy beforehand and watch you closely if you do become pregnant again.

AFE and induction?

Amniotic Fluid Embolism - Medzcool

Sometimes a doctor will advise against a future pregnancy because they do not know what will happened fear for your safety and well-being. Please visit our Research page for more information and how to submit a case into the registry. Not surprising, an amniotic fluid embolism is difficult to diagnose which leads to clinical challenges while critical time may be wasted.

what is an amniotic aneurysm

The AFE Foundation is the only patient advocacy organization of its kind, serving those affected by or interested in the maternal complication known as an amniotic fluid embolism AFE. Eat These 3 Things Instead.

Amniotic Fluid Embolism

We hope that through our registry and research efforts that we will be able to more accurately discuss inductions rates as they relate to the occurrence of AFE. The effect is like giving a pregnant woman a transfusion of a large volume of amniotic fluid. We offer several groups on Facebook for those affected by AFE to share and seek comfort from one another. And my premonitions haven't stopped.

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AFE is traumatic for the family, friends and doctors who cared for you as well. Seizure Cardiac Arrest Coma. Stephanie and Jonathan Arnold with their children.

The organization has one employee and is governed by a board of directors and a medical advisory committee.

what is an amniotic aneurysm