Umngeni municipality howick hall

uMngeni Municipality

Eric Svensson General Manager: Much of this was made up from Sub Lot 5 of the farm Groenekloof to which later portions of Ongegund and Richmond Hill farms were added. The earliest record of Europeans in the Hilton area goes back to the early 19th century when transport riders travelled into the hinterland over World's View, making overnight stops at Ketelfontein, Sedgley and The Knoll at Winterskloof.

We all have rights and we must all respect the laws of this country and the Constitution. The Bill seeks to address weaknesses and limitations that are there in the existing legislation by expanding rights of occupiers, further regulate evictions as well as clarifying certain terms.

Now part of the uMngeni Municipality, Hilton has over 4 000 happy inhabitants who have chosen to occupy the peace and tranquility of the many gracious homes with which the area abounds. People Centred Development uMngeni is Zulu for the place of the acacia trees.

uMngeni Local Municipality (KZN222)

Everyone depended on the railway, which was built in 1884 for commercial purposes and travelling to and from town. This Act is an important step towards achieving lasting peace at farms, he added. There are plans to extend the landing strip and increase hangar space so that it can be utilised by the smaller commercial airlines. The wet and misty climate played an important part in their lives.

In those days, properties were large and sprawling. The officials from the departments must pursue your concerns and complaints right up to the end. The existing sewerage works in the urban areas are to be expanded and upgraded, and areas which currently pose a health risk due to inadequate sanitation are to be identified.

Hilton owes its name to Jane Henderson, wife of farming pioneer and financier Joseph Henderson, who no doubt was nostalgically thinking of Hilton Park in her native Staffordshire when they first named their farm Hilton in 1860 which adjoined Philip Zietsman's Voortrekker farm, named 'Groenekloof' and was used as access to the early wagon routes.

Tracy and her team also serve a fantastic breakfast.

umngeni municipality howick hall

The Natal Paint Manufacturing Syndicate acquired land with a view to developing a base resource from the yellow ochre clay found in the Hilton area but this soon changed to real estate. Local Economic Development must be developed with emphasis on tourism, agriculture, manufacturing and commerce.

Military Cemetery: When roads were impassable, they used to wire or send post cards from the station and letters were written daily to friends and relatives. Museums and Art Galleries Howick Museum provides a well-documented look at the history of the Lions River District and Howick itself, as well as period costumes and antique British military insignia. A company called Hilton Road Estates bought up land in the early part of the century.

umngeni municipality howick hall

We have a backlog of housing the destitute and this is proving a challenge because we don't have land to address the backlog. Karkloof Falls: Gliding and microlight flying are two other activities for which the area is well known, and parachuting may soon take off if the planned expansion of the airfield goes ahead.

Karkloof Canopy Tours offers the unequalled experience of gliding along steel cables between eight canopy level platforms built high within the indigenous Karkloof forest.

umngeni municipality howick hall

Cllr Nompumelelo Buthelezi Speaker: Other strategies to improve water supplies are the introduction of spring protection and rain harvesting programmes. Share This Post Arriving.