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Use rainwater or aged water water from the hose poured into a bucket and left outside for 24 hrs. My turtle tank is now crystal clear and clean. Cleans water naturally - treats 20-500 Litres. Frequently Bought Together. The pond has about 40 medium sized goldfish, all haven been transferred from collapsing other pond...

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Related Products. Please follow our handy hints for success, that can be found on our website www. This website is true and accurate in accordance with current facts and from the actual user testimonials. Follow the simple instructions and you can't go wrong. A miracle 4 years ago we purchased a home with a very large established fishpond.

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Splosht Cleans Water Naturally

Newsletter Customer Log in Create an account You are not logged in. Splosht is not a chemical. Splosht is unbelievable stuff for aquariums! The water is still green and the fish are hardly visible. Clean water, Happy fish. I cannot recommend it more highly.

Can't speak highly enough of this product and the pleasant people at the company who sell it. Splosht is for fresh water only.

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On Lelong. Sheila Granger — January 26, 2017:. We take reasonable steps to: Ever since I use the Splosht my fish pond is crystal clear and no more algae. My turtle has never been happier and healthier. Previously I'd tried everything to stop the summer UV clouding up my pond. Hi there, my fish pond has a fountain in it and between the water that is lost through the spray and evaporation I need to top it up every couple of weeks.