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Conclusion—Mesalazine suppositories 1 g three times a week are effective for preventing relapses of cryptogenetic proctitis. Maintenance of remission with lower doses would be an advantage. Continued surveillance and an EEG two days later showed age-appropriate normal findings.

Renal colic is a medical emergency due to the rapid onset and devastating nature of its pain. However, their sociocultural acceptability is unknown in Papua New Guinea and a formal examination of caregiver's attitudes to rectal administration was needed to inform effective deployment strategies.

Scintigraphic evidence of the retarded insulin liberation from agar embeddings in suppositories. In the first of two tests conducted to assess preference, women compared pairs of brittle and elastic suppositories and indicated their preference. Other useful advice Once in the rectum the suppository will melt and may leak from your rectum. Safety and therapeutic efficacy of artesunate suppositories for treatment of malaria in children in Papua New Guinea.


The spreading of each suppository base was monitored by gamma-scintigraphy following rectal administration. Suppository compounding was carried out by the suspension type. After an oral administration of RK-28 solution, the plasma concentration of RK-28 was considerably lower than that after intravenous administration through all time periods, and the absolute bioavailability was a mere 4. Early full enteral feeding in preterm infants decreases morbidity and mortality.

In Vitro and in Vivo Studies. This was caused by the non-ionic surfactants in the suppository base incorporating some of the drug, preventing its release. The single-agent Aceclofenac was taken as the control formulation. Our research has a double purpose. A randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled study was performed from August 2013 to December 2014.

Full Text Available Rheological behaviour suppositories with amlodipine on lypofiles to a basis are studied and character of temperature effect on their structurally-mechanical properties is positioned. The pharmacokinetics of artemisinin after administration of two different suppositories to healthy Vietnamese subjects.

The main members of water-soluble bases are polyethylene glycols and poloxomers.

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In the present work the absorption of flutamide from suppositories containing hydrophilic tamarind alginate microparticles after rectal administration in rats was investigated with the purpose of enhancing bioavailability and to avoid hepatic toxicity. Even if recent paediatric clinical studies have demonstrated the equivalence of the rectal route with others, in order to enable the use of this promising route for the treatment of children in the 21st Century, some effort should be focused on informing and educating parents and care givers.

Our CMC data correlate well with the results of previous studies. All 23 patients enrolled in the study completed the induction chemotherapy phase. However, the efficacy of the bleomycin suppositories was too mild to form a basis for treatment without intracavitary irradiation.