Photographing lighthouses at night how to

One Location, Two Looks: Photographing a Lighthouse in Moonlight v.s Under the Stars

I found how to post the picture wen I subnit the post. Davis, CA Photos: What I saw the other night was four light trails that were constant.

photographing lighthouses at night how to

I just thought it was pretty cool to have 4 stable beams of coherent white light coming out at the Cardinal points. You Tube You Tube.

photographing lighthouses at night how to

Low light and storms skies shouldn't be overlooked either, particular if you can capture the waves crashing against the lighthouse or rocks near by. Abe Curland. Page 1 of 2.

Still, I would like to try. Bruce, thanks for your input, I really appreciate any suggestions! I might try the same.

How To Photograph Lighthouses In The Landscape

Nite time produces one type of shot, bright light and dull scene. If you want to freeze the beam, that fast shutter speed is not going to jibe with the darkness of night. Check out Jean Guichard, a French photographer who specializes in lighthouses. Lighthouses are favorite photographic subjects because of their charming beauty, and you can photograph them any time, but they are especially gorgeous when illuminated to protect mariners and vessels from foundering in shallow waters and on rocks.

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photographing lighthouses at night how to

Gallery Posts: Jun 2009 Location: One quick suggestion. And thanks for sharing your photos, they All are very good.

10 Tips and Techniques for Photographing Lighthouses at Night

Share This Page Tweet. Pentax Camera Reviews. A tripod is needed if you intend getting there early or staying in late.

photographing lighthouses at night how to

At this time of day there's not much light around so you will need the tripod and a remote release. I have several that have a star effect from the light even though I did not use a filter.

Photographing a Lighthouse

That way you can put your subject into context of the beach or town that the lighthouse is situated. Thanks for any advice! Photo Sharing Forum. Thanks for the tip, I think I will try a few exposures using your suggestion.

photographing lighthouses at night how to