Map of where wateraid works

We helped governments and communities work together to establish and maintain services because this is the key to reaching everyone everywhere.

map of where wateraid works

Aptivate have also worked with WaterAid on the redesign of this project The map launched at the end of May and was featured on news and social media sites in Africa as well as being picked up by the Guardian and BBC Africa's Facebook page Who else picked it up?

Marathon man Jamie Ramsay covered 17,000 kilometres and 14 countries in his 16 month challenge for causes closest to his heart.

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Having nowhere clean and private to go to the toilet affects women, girls, older and disabled people more than others, leaving them vulnerable to ridicule, abuse and even attack. We were among the first to voice and demand that safe water, improved hygiene and sanitation needed to be mainstreamed in the policy and programming of health, nutrition and education sectors.

Across India, millions of women are wasting precious time collecting dirty water, children are dying from preventable diarrhoeal diseases, and as a result communities as a whole suffer. And on World Water Day we released our brand new report about the unequal cost of water across the globe.

map of where wateraid works

To our community of 720,000 individual supporters and to the many other groups from whom we have received such generous backing, we would like to say a huge heartfelt thank you for being part of an amazing effort in 2015—16. We're raising — and spending — more each year. The geographic areas that WaterAid India focuses on are based on our strategic priorities; our niche; the regions that have the most WASH challenges; presence of other sector players; and our own current presence in the country.

map of where wateraid works

We want to say thank you to all of you who supported WaterAid over the last year. Other elements on the page were styled using CSS. Making menstruation safe Having safe hygienic toilets and washing facilities at school means girls can manage their periods effectively.

map of where wateraid works

We continued to support country programme teams to respond quickly and effectively when challenging situations arose. And thanks to you, this year this target is within reach.

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A mother learns about good hygiene practise while waiting for her baby to be vaccinated. We explored various SVG and other graphic libraries before settling on D3. Home Work. And our celebrity ambassadors and supporters helped us make a splash about clean water, sanitation and hygiene. Subscribe to WaterAid India Newsletter.

A vision within reach

View a stunning selection of recent images from our work in India. Ensuring that hospitals like Kiomboi in Tanzania pictured above have clean drinking water and toilets, and that staff are practising good hygiene techniques, massively reduces fatal infections and diarrhoeal diseases during the first days and months of life.

Photos on this page: Follow us on: While fitness duo the Lean Machines joined blogger Carly Rowena in Zambia to see what clean, safe water makes possible.

map of where wateraid works

We have also strategically started collaborating with cross-sectoral organizations working in the areas of health, nutrition, and education. The amazing WaterAid supporter community is now over 720,000 strong. Home About us.