K 9 doctor who quotes matt

K9 Mark II

There are accounts that this model of K9 went on missions on behalf of the Time Lords and was given control of a space vessel called K-NEL. When he was set to self-destruct, K9 detected this and fled the explosion.

k 9 doctor who quotes matt

Weapon of Choice However, Brax was an almost habitual liar, and no definitive account of this act of generosity was known to exist. Most of his body was dark silver and a silver dog bone was located under his neck. If a medium is not mentioned, then this incarnation did not have companions who were original to that medium; it does not mean that this Doctor failed to appear in that medium.

Contact with that computer interferes with this unit's synaptic circuits. Retrieved from " https: Jaws of Orthrus and the Bodach. Erase memory banks concerning tennis.

k 9 doctor who quotes matt

The Sun Makers. School Reunion Later, though, K9 reverted to his old dark green colour. There was a monitor screen on his left flank, though K9 rarely used this during his travels with the Doctor. Someday K9 saved the people at the Aurora from being killed by a Federation war cruiser. The Lost Boy.

The Creature from the Pit before the familiar voice returned. City of Devils In the early 1990s, K9 assisted Sarah in investigating a supposedly haunted house. Jaws of Orthrus.

k 9 doctor who quotes matt

The Doctor occasionally regenerates into a new form, allowing a new actor to step into the role. The Beast of Kravenos. Lukran got kidnapped by the Pyxians but was saved by K9 who returned Lurkan to his mother and stopped the Pyxians.