Htd whole house audio reviews

I sent the others back and bought these plus the rectangle version. I was so impressed by the built in crossovers in all the speakers. We also added their web controller module that basically hosts a web page for iPhone control. Very satisfied with the quality of the product. Bird-watching is an easy, entertaining and educational activity for the whole family.

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But they do sound better. Nothing comes close for the price, and the quality is outstanding. I just moved to new house... Javascript is disabled on your browser. I read and researched countless forums and reviews before purchasing these speakers.

htd whole house audio reviews

First installed the speakers on the ceiling the speakers are so easy to install and the instructions are dumb-proof then I terminated the cat-5 and installed the wall units Keypads this was even easier with the snap-in plates, also looked so precise and elegant on the wall.

Really great quality sound.

htd whole house audio reviews

I purchased the mid-level system MCA-66. I like the ability to move stuff around on a Gigabit network and you can run pretty much anything over cat6 as your needs change.

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You can control everything from anywhere. They looked fantastic on the ceiling too. The service, products, and quality were all that I could ask for!! I recieved the speaker within a week and they were really easy to install and sounded great. Trust me you will not be disappointed. We have been demoing an assortment of in walls in our apartment while waiting for the house to be built. HTD has earned a lifelong customer!

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The customer service is very helpful, and i had an overall perfect experience with HTD. Cannot beat the quality and price.

htd whole house audio reviews

I'm a customer for life.