How to improve breaststroke kick the dust

To reach your potential in swimming, as in any other sport, you need to train consistently and injury free. How to practice: Therefore, performing glute contraction exercises, like the hip thrus t are appropriate exercises.

The Physics of the Fastest Swim Strokes

Shoulder injury is extremely common in swimming, in fact so common amongst elite swimmers that it used to be considered a fact of swimming life, just something you have to live with. Another option is to strengthen the hips through this larger range of motion. Start in the pencil position, then bring your feet up toward your rear-end. On our website you'll find a wealth of easy to read articles to improve your swimming.

how to improve breaststroke kick the dust

Whenever you swim with a straight arm it involves pressing down on the water at the front of the stroke during the catch phase — biomechanically it's impossible not to this.

Now, use the tools wisely and become a better breaststroke swimmer!

how to improve breaststroke kick the dust

Oh, I see. Anonymous August 3, 2011 at 12: Finishing the leg snap with a butt squeeze creates a strong finish for the kick and returns the body to streamline. Hands are interesting, because you basically have a certain surface area of your hands if you hold your hand out flat.

4 Techniques for Improving your Breaststroke Kick

The speediest swimming style may be a version of the dolphin kick known as the fish kick, a difficult stroke to master, performed entirely while the swimmer is submerged. This involved pulling out wide, then in and then out wide again by the hip:. Pressing down on the water like this is bad technique all by itself but it also takes a lot of force to do so. All rights reserved.

how to improve breaststroke kick the dust

If you struggle to keep your feet up, try reaching to a deeper position. Avoid downwards pressure in front of you; it will usually lift your front, which encourages your legs to sink. Therefore, having enough hip range of motion, specifically hip internal rotation, allows a larger range of motion for a greater catch with the legs.

how to improve breaststroke kick the dust

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