How to draw misaki takahashi wiki

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how to draw misaki takahashi wiki

At first, Misaki is extremely reluctant to consider Akihiko as his "lover," but sooner or later he comes to terms with it and admits to wanting to continue to live with Akihiko after he graduates and gets a job.

Related wiki Play by the Rules. After being rejected by Misaki, Haruhiko respected Misaki's decision and left him alone. In the end, Takahiro had no choice but to have Misaki join them in their trip so Mahiro can have a great time. Misaki practically idolizes his brother for having raised him on his own, and therefore has a hard time dealing with the idea of confessing to him that he is dating his best friend.

Start a Wiki. He even confessed his infatuation towards Misaki at a point which Misaki tried to decline his feelings as politely as possible, as he was his favorite author.

Misaki Takahashi

When Misaki went to Akihiko's house for the tutoring session, he was impressed of the apartment that Akihiko owned. Outraged over the fact Akihiko was using his borther as a model for his book, Misaki barged in to Akihiko's room demanding an answer.

However, when he was eight years old, his parents died in a car accident. True Love is Fate. Misaki was slightly uncomfortable with this and he had a strong suspicion that his new tutor was in fact a homosexual.

how to draw misaki takahashi wiki

As Takahiro has been expecting Misaki to move out. When the couple returns, the Usami's family flowers Misaki with gifts which annoys Usagi which angers when he sees Ijuuin sent him flowers as a gift too. Much to his shock, the characters resembled his brother and Akihiko doing sexual activities.

Season 1 2008. He is also my son so...

how to draw misaki takahashi wiki

Whether Misaki got home, he was dumbfounded to see a man Akihiko in a romantic position with his brother. Misaki is a very kind uncle to Mahiro which makes him a fond of Misaki; sometimes to the point Mahiro would rather spend time with Misaki than his father and mother.

Episode 30

Usagi finds him and leads him to his "secret place" as present for his succeeding job hunt. Start a Wiki. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. After entering his own home, he sees Akihiko about to kiss his older brother with his arms wrapped around him. While Misaki phone is ringing off the hook, Ijuuin sent a congratulate email and Misaki hides to read it thinking Usagi would "kill" him if he knows.

He paused for a moment to take in his view of the room which was similiar to that of a young boy's toy room before going on.