How to become popular fast

And no, it does not look spammy.

how to become popular fast

Show people that you recognize your quirks and don't take yourself too seriously, and they'll be impressed. With the free version you can do a lot.

Make eye contact and smile frequently. Surprisingly, many "popular" people don't put too much conscious effort into it. Promotions or ads, however you call them are about to get more relevant than ever.

How to Become Famous on Instagram: The Only Guide You Need in 2019

Be energetic and positive. Asking questions or soliciting advice is a great way to get interaction with your posts.

how to become popular fast

Pay attention to how the other person is acting and feeling. This article has also been viewed 3,619,188 times. This will make people more likely to share your post instead of reinterpreting it. Comment groups are still awesome though.

However, I believe there are certain best practices that help you to become famous on Instagram.

how to become popular fast

Thanks Cathy for your kind words! You have followed few of your friends and all your posts have 12 likes accompanied with 3 comments.

How to Become Famous in 3 Shockingly Easy Steps

Thanks for the excellent post. This one is huge! Reality TV shows proved that ordinary people or the general public no longer have to feel so bad about their lives and that they can still succeed in life without even trying hard or doing anything other than trying hard to act normal.

how to become popular fast

Well to become famous on Instagram or any other social media platform is just not something you set yourself out to do — or is it? You don't have to buy the trendiest clothes that everyone else is wearing unless you think you can really look good and comfortable in them. They close the neighbor's gate when it opens after a strong wind.

how to become popular fast

We are simply talking over one another. Some of the photo posts that get the most attention are admittedly unoriginal. Social proof — people want to follow accounts that are popular and all kidding aside, followers count still is one of the most important number that new potential followers look at.