How much water to drink daily bodybuilding

Keep in mind that the figures in this article are averages and estimates—hydration is an individual task.

How Much Water Should I Drink?

I drink about 12 cups a day, 6 of that is during my workout. The fluid recovery stage after exercise lasts 8-10 hours.

how much water to drink daily bodybuilding

Generally, an ounce for each kg of body weight. An easy way for athletes to determine their water intake is 0.

Water: Your Secret Weapon - What's Good And What Is Not

Perhaps you've already experienced a post-flight workout—jelly legs, fatigue, general muscle weakness, and soreness the next day. Research has shown that roughly 46 percent of regular gym goers are not adequately hydrated for their workouts. That leaves us with a large discrepancy, and this is why no matter how hard you try to stay hydrated some conditions simply aren't fit for long periods of exercise.

how much water to drink daily bodybuilding

Read More... Or why, no matter how on point your diet and workout plan is, there are just some stubborn areas of "thick skin" you can't seem to shed? The best cooling system we have is sweating.

how much water to drink daily bodybuilding

The only exception here would be drinks that are high in alcohol content, as those will have a dehydrating effect when consumed. If you're active, you'll need to increase your daily water intake.

How Much Water Do You Really Need?

You guys drinking a gallon plus every day must be spending a lot of time in the pisser. When it is able to become a gas, it takes heat energy away from your body, leaving the remaining water molecules feeling cooler on your skin. For the most part, we can steadily gain and maintain fluids throughout the day. By Josh7000 in forum Nutrition. I know what you are thinking, that if you drink a lot of water you will get bloated and retain water which will make you weigh more. I removed the "flushing out toxins" bit.


It actually makes you expend more energy per day being dehydrated, because your body uses a lot of ATP to keep you from dying. Regulates temperature.

how much water to drink daily bodybuilding

Learn why and find out the truth... Keep in mind that you don't have to just drink plain water to stay hydrated.