How much space is 60gb

Is 60GB enough space?

Otherwise, a 60Gb would pretty much be a waste of money as a Windows only C: Matt at December 7, 2008 11: Garry's Mod is a prime example, while the base game is not that big, it can get rather large due to all that mod content and additional assets.

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how much space is 60gb

SebastianZHD Honorable. Comments that do not — typically off-topic or content-free comments — will be removed. If you wanted to drill down deeper, you could keep expanding subfolders. Can I install games on Disk D? What's new.

Windows 8.1 64-bit taking up 60GB of space on my SSD! Why?

As for Outlook, the process of changing the default location of the. How about changing the amount of disk space the Recycle Bin uses? Try to find out where folder is hoggin git all.

how much space is 60gb

When a game lists the req storage its their responsibility to list the correct numbers, my laptop only has an ssd and i cant free up 100gbs of space.

The logical answer is that a second hard drive should be installed. Sign In Sign Up. Start a New Discussion.

Where’s My Disk Space Going?

Wildcard has kept their neccessary game files just under 60 gigs. Thanks a lot David Ho from Hong Kong.

how much space is 60gb

Leo, TreeSizeFree is so easy and quick to use. Remove service pack uninstall files:: When you turn your computer off, your memory is erased.

60gb SSD Enough?

Not much more and that ssd will start slowing down drastically. It applies to this topic as well....

how much space is 60gb

Storage 1 Sunday at 2: Also note that the tool shows and lets you delete anything, so take care! An alternative would be to have a trusted friend someplace else go to a store that has 120Gb or larger ssd's physically buy one and then mail it to you. My file is 100 megs. I also do not use hibernate, but hiberfil. Refer to https: Every 6 months or so, maybe, but not weekly or monthly.