How google images search works

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Have something to say about this article? N7 upgrade: It finds the official website and the obligatory Wikipedia page, and also locates a couple similar images one of which is my photo uploaded to Flickr a year ago. Once an image search engine has crawled an image, looked at its file name, and looked at the content surrounding it, it probably has a good idea what the image is about.

My original answer was on 2012 - in the meanwhile other studies and research have taken more and more importance and I learn some new stuff.

how google images search works

The algorithm tries to garner many clues from the user to better understand what they are looking for. National Ra'eesa Pather 2019-02-26 15: If you know, leave me a comment, please?

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DuckDuckGo vs. Well played, Search By Image. Death Valley, California, is one of my favorite places on Earth.

how google images search works

When you conduct a Google Images search, the search results page returns thumbnails of the images that Google Images found. Today, I think that pattern recognition has lost its importance: For example, if your computer runs Windows XP, you can drag-and-drop images from the Image Results page to your Windows desktop or to a folder within Windows Explorer. Read more from Kiri Rupiah. Images Search Engines: I can just drag and drop any image in google and get results.

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how google images search works

Because Google Images figures out who or what is shown in an image by judging the text and captions that frame it, certain biases may arise in the search results. Bhekisisa Joan van Dyk 2019-02-01 00: Boy, was I wrong. We all should know that the internet is not a neutral digital-Jeeves that gives rise to an egalitarian and equal utopia.

how google images search works

A busy picture with a lot going on will be harder to classify and cluster than one that is relatively simple, focusing on only one object or face. University of KwaZulu-Natal. While Google does have minimal control over the algorithm that creates such biased reults, the search engine has little to no control over the netizens who produce biased content on their websites, blogs or forums.

how google images search works

Google Images is now an integral tool for internet-based for work and play.