How does an electronic rev counter working

Mike stuart fits this type all the time now and reports V few prob's with the rev' counter. The Lumenition optronic optical sensor system I have run on both my Elan and Plus 2 with no problems with the original tach.

That field of the coil tries to align itself with the magnetic field of the magnets. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.

Linked 7. For example a V8 will have four pulses per revolution. Members 1,198 posts. The first fire up attempt was last weekend, but no joy.

How does a rev counter work?!

Sign up using Facebook. Does the engine run correctly with the rev counter disconnected. I am over the worst!! These pulses are converted to a voltage with a frequency to voltage converter. In this type of meter movement, there is a fixed magnetic ring, slit at one point and supported on little stands.

I've done this on much older instruments but it isn't fun. Replacing core plug on block Taking Toad for a hop. Max Goodridge Max Goodridge 5,145 16 36 90. The electrolytic caps dry up over the years and stop doing their job.

I think I will give it a try some time providing I don't ahve to spend too much on a tacho. I am a convert. Electrical or mechanical signal? Dave - 72 Sprint DHC. Hi Alex Interesting that you have the power supply from the coil positive and the tach reads OK.

Recently, I asked a question about the speedometer , how it works and how accurate it is. In both of these cases and for all the other alternators made by whoever did the DS one the tachometer output has simply been a connection to one phase of the armature.

how does an electronic rev counter working

If all 3 are OK then it will work cheers Rohan. Although the engine side of the calculation should be OK BUKH 24 the alternator is very much older than the engine - but does have a dedictaed connection for a tacho.

how does an electronic rev counter working

If your car is over 25 years old it may pay to remove the tach and replace all the capacitors on its circuit board. While i'm not sure if there are mechanical tachometers like speedometers electronic tachometers are quite simple.

The systems wiring is set up to be so wired also. I fitted Tinytach in half an hour, a tiny clamp around the fuel delivery pipe from the pump, a dc supply and fit the indicator.

how does an electronic rev counter working