How are you greetings in french

An elderly family friend arrived to visit the French family with whom I was staying.

how are you greetings in french

Note that pronunciation differs depending on which expression you decide to go with. Before you read and learn about the ways to say "How are you?

6 French Greetings Faux-Pas That Make You Sound Rude

He greeted two young children about 6 and 8 years old and then commented to their aunt that he found them rude as they only kissed on one cheek. Cheers When somone is sneezing, you will say in French, one of the following: Salut is not used for "cheers" or anything else, it's only "hello" and "bye". Children of close friends here will always offer a bise — it is best to let them decide.

Did you said "an idiot"?

how are you greetings in french

Truth is, the reason why so many French learners struggle to speak and understand French is that they make 2 easily-avoidable mistakes. Contact Us to request information about sponsored posts and product reviews.

how are you greetings in french

Another example would be I have to go to the museum: If you liked this post, something tells me that you'll love FluentU, the best way to learn French with real-world videos. Merci for helping me understand it better. All in all, using either bonjour or bonsoir is your best bet for first greeting someone in either a formal or informal setting.

Basic French greetings & expressions

This expression, like bonjour , is another go-to standard salutation, usable in virtually any situation: She shrugged and said that they were not so well bought up. It's interesting all those onomatopoeia words.

how are you greetings in french

Your email address will not be published. A sneeze doesn't really have a word - it is just a sort of explosion, isn't it!

how are you greetings in french

As in comment allez-vous? Joli article! Please also make sure to use your real name or a nickname, not a keyword or the name of your website.

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