Como usar while e when

While...End While Statement (Visual Basic)

The OpenText method opens the file and returns a StreamReader that reads the characters. You also can exit a while loop by the goto , return , or throw statements. Lucy came into the room while he was waiting.

como usar while e when

We'd love to hear your thoughts. We can use either simple or continuous verb forms: This means that the code inside of the loop will iterate once through before the condition is ever evaluated. When the men were out working in the field, I helped with milking the cows, feeding the calves and the pigs.

As , when or while?

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Exit focus mode. When used within nested While loops, Exit While transfers control out of the innermost loop and into the next higher level of nesting.

como usar while e when

Skip to Next Loop Iteration. Skip blank lines and comments using a continue statement. If the conditional expression evaluates to a matrix, MATLAB evaluates the statements only if all elements in the matrix are true nonzero.

como usar while e when

As she was leaving the court, a crowd of photographers gathered around her. Conversely, a plain while loop evaluates the test condition at the begining of the loop before any execution in the loop block is ever made.

You can then use Exit While to escape the loop.

como usar while e when

You might want to exit a loop if you detect a condition that makes it unnecessary or impossible to continue iterating, such as an erroneous value or a termination request. When nesting a number of while statements, each while statement requires an end keyword.

while (C# Reference)

As, when or while? There are no open issues.

como usar while e when

In the following example, the statements in the loop continue to run until the index variable is greater than 10. There is no alternative-syntax or template syntax for a do-while-loop. Submit feedback. When they come before the main clause, we use a comma: Toggle navigation.